Garden Party August 19

A garden party to raise a bit of money for Peabody Family Voice  and to celebrate the end of a marathon maintenance job

You are invited to come and get together with other Peabody tenants and friends to celebrate the scaffolding on our block coming down after two and a quarter years and to raise some money for Peabody Family Voice.

Please bring some extra food to share and anything else you want (games, drinks of your choice, music, stories of how long you have had your scaffolding up – a prize for the person who has had it up the longest!)

3-6 pm, Sunday 19th August 2018

A brief report

The sun shone! People bought delicious food to eat! The children blew giant bubbles!

And best of all, we made some great new contacts with disgruntled Peabody residents.

Thanks to the Hackney Gazette for giving us a double-page spread to help spread the word about Peabody Family Voice.

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