3 thoughts on “Tell us about your Peabody/Family Mosaic repairs problems”

  1. This is the result of abandoning cyclical maintenance !

    Fmaily Mosaic one of the most closed and inaccessible housing associations in the country abandoned cyclical maintenance many years ago without consulting tenants. The obvious result of this is plain to see.

  2. Peabody is one of the worst housing association that I’ve ever meet. The problems I had 1. No boiler hot water heating for over 2 months with a 6 months baby: 2. I tried to add my wife to the contract for a year they’re always there is no one in the office. I had caught 12 mice 2 rats in my house and they still can’t do anything: I had problem with my flooring in hall way a gap was produced they cancelled my the appointment twice and came after 1/half months later. We have leaved several emails but nobody did get in touch . I am very frustrated i will take this to court to be dealt as soon as possible

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