Peabody “wants to learn from Amazon”!

Asalto al Coche [Attack on the Coach] by Francisco Goya
Asalto al Coche [Attack on the Coach] by Francisco Goya (courtesy of Wikipedia)
In a recent article in 24Housing Alison Muir, Peabody’s Director of Operations for Thamesmead and South Region, says “the housing sector can learn a great deal from Amazon. We can make a lot of progress with new technologies to help improve our operations.”

Would this be the same Amazon which is exploiting their workers, forcing independent retailers out of business and refusing to pay the taxes they owe the British public?

Muir’s article is headlined ‘Stand and deliver’, so Peabody Family Voice presumes that our Housing Association aspires to take us back 3 centuries and behave like the highwaymen who held up travellers and took their money, had a ‘racket’ on road transport to make travelling less safe and more expensive, as carriers regularly paid them a ransom to go unmolested. Coaches were often attacked because of their lack of protection, including public stagecoaches, and the postboys who carried the mail were also frequently held up.

The philosophy behind this article surely explains why Peabody residents are being held to ransom, workers are treated badly, and the Housing Association is working hand in glove with big property developers.

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